Fluted Nightstand



Canadian Made in Ancaster, Ontario

The Fluted Nightstands are our staple design, available with multiple style options to perfectly match your bedroom décor. Push-to-open hardware and highly precise craftsmanship, coupled with the timeless design of the fluted drawer fronts, makes these nightstands an elegant and functional upgrade for your bedroom. The Fluted Nightstand is available in White Oak with a choice of Natural, Grey, or Black Drawer Fronts.



    • Key Features:
      1. Fluted Drawer Fronts: The nightstands boast timeless fluted drawer fronts, introducing a touch of sophistication and classic detailing to your bedroom decor. The fluting adds texture and visual interest to elevate the overall design.
      2. Push-to-Open Hardware: Effortlessly access your belongings with the push-to-open hardware, offering a modern and seamless opening mechanism. Say goodbye to traditional handles and enjoy the sleek, uncluttered appearance of the nightstands.
      3. White Oak Construction: Crafted from high-quality White Oak, these nightstands showcase the wood's natural beauty, including its distinct grain patterns and light, neutral tones. White Oak adds a touch of warmth and elegance to your bedroom.
      4. Solid Wood Dovetailed Drawer Box Construction.
      5. Drawer Front Color Options:
        • Natural: Embrace the natural beauty of White Oak with a clear finish, allowing the wood's original tones and grain patterns to shine through.
        • Grey: Infuse a modern and chic vibe into your bedroom with grey drawer fronts, providing a stylish contrast against the White Oak frame.
        • Black: Opt for a bold and dramatic look with black drawer fronts, creating a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.
      6. Versatile Storage: These nightstands feature spacious drawers, offering versatile storage for your bedside essentials. Keep your belongings organized while maintaining a clean and sophisticated bedside appearance.
      7. Sturdy Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, these nightstands boast a sturdy White Oak construction, ensuring longevity and reliability. The fluted drawer fronts not only enhance the visual appeal but also add structural integrity to the design.
      8. Customizable Style: Choose the drawer front color that best complements your bedroom decor and personal style. The customizable options allow you to create a nightstand that perfectly suits your aesthetic preferences.
      9. Easy Maintenance: The smooth surfaces of the nightstands are easy to maintain. Simply wipe them down to keep them looking fresh and stylish in your bedroom.

      Enhance your bedroom with the Fluted Drawer Front Nightstands featuring push-to-open hardware and customizable drawer front colors. Select the combination that resonates with your style, and enjoy the perfect blend of classic elegance and modern convenience in your bedroom sanctuary.

Standard Dimensions:

24″ Tall x 28″ wide and 20″ Deep

Priced at $2,425 each

***Custom sizes and materials available upon request.


24″ Tall - 28″ Wide - 20″ Deep
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